We are grateful to the judge for this year’s annual print competition, Richard Speirs DPAGB BPE2*, and to Jim Welsh LRPS, CPAGB for judgimg the DPI competition.
Viewing Instructions– Click on the first photo in each section to see its gallery (click on photo to exit), or click on the words ‘View with Piclens’ for a pauseable slideshow with full-screen option (Press Esc to exit).
Centenary Cup – Colour Print
1st Lawrence Graham – Primary Colours.
2nd Pax Garabedian – Cockle Collectors
3rd Lawrence Graham – Grace
HC Tim Booth – The Offering
HC Dennis Balmer – Frosty Waterfall
Old Timers Trophy – Set of 3 Colour Prints

1st Pax Garabedian – Nationally Proud / Rising Mist / Cockle Collector
2nd Ron English – I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles / Moored / Storm Approching Black Rock Cottage
3rd Barry Heaton – I’m Watching You / Dublin Whistler / Hill Lane Mill

Jackson Trophy – Mono Print

1st Pax Garabedian – Umbrella Maker
2nd  Vera Graham –  Abraham
3rd Tim Booth –  Grange Bridge

Coronation Cup – Set of 3 Mono Prints

1st Pax Garabeadian –  Morning on Inle Lake / Water Cart 2 / Playmates
2nd Lawrence Graham – Curvy Shadows / Electric Guiter / Stable Hills Farm
3rd Tim Booth – The Breakaway / Winter Trees / Hadrian’s Country

Mattinson Cup – Projected Image

First – On The Horizon by Alan Thomson
Second – Autumn By The Lake by Pax Garabedian
Third – Paint Brush by Lawrence Graham

Victory Cup – Set of 3 Projected Images

1st Pax Garabeadian –  Rising Mist / The Novice / The Water Cart

All Winning Photos

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