We are grateful to the judges for this year’s annual competitions: Jack Bamford DPAGB AFIAP APAGB of Keswick PS for the prints and Jim Welsh LRPS CPAGB of Blyth PS for the PDIs.
Viewing Instructions – Click on the first photo in each section to see its gallery (click on photo to exit).
Centenary Cup – Colour Print
1st – Pax Garabedian
2nd – Tim Booth
3rd – Alan Thomson
HC – Brian Hinvest,  Vera Graham,  Alan Sawyer,  Tim Booth,  Alan Thomson,  Pax Garabedian
Old Timer Trophy – Set of 3 Colour Prints

1st   – Pax Garabedian
2nd  – Tim Booth
3rd= – Alan Sawyer
3rd= – Larry Graham
Jackson Trophy – Mono Print

1st – Alan Thomson
2nd – Pax Garabedian
3rd – Steve McLellan
HC – Tim Booth (2),  Pax Garabedian
Coronation Cup – Set of 3 Mono Prints

1st =  – Alan Thomson
1st =  – Pax Garabedian
2nd    – Tim Booth
3rd    – Alan Sawyer
Mattinson Cup – PDI
1st – Alan Sawyer
2nd – Jeff Saunders
3rd – Roger Mepstead
HC – Alan Thomson, Gordon Cumming, Caroline Hannon, Carrie Calvert
Victory Cup – Set of 3 PDIs
1st  – Pax Garabedian
2nd – Alan Sawyer
3rd= – Tim Booth

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