At the end of each season, members’ results in the 5 monthly competitions are aggregated, and points are awarded for the places and commendations achieved. The results for  the 2015 – 2016 season are:

Advanced Mono Prints

1st – Alan Thomson
2nd – Pax Garabedian
3rd – Steve McLellan

Advanced Colour Prints

1st – Carrie Calvert
2nd – Steve McLellan, Pax Garabedian, Ron English
3rd – Brian Hinvest

Advanced PDIs

1st – Alan Thomson
2nd – Carrie Calvert
3rd – Steve McLellan

Newcomers Prints

1st – Karen McLellan
2nd -Peter Maxwell, Barbara Pinguey
3rd – Rachel Bonington

Newcomers PDIs

1st – Don Jary
2nd – Karen McLellan
3rd – Anita Cheung





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