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2009 – 2010 Annual Competition

The judge for this year’s annual competition was  Richard Speirs DPAGB BPE2*, who did a superb job of critiquing the large number of entries in his usual humorous and  positive way.  As the Chairman said in thanking Richard at the end, a masterclass in how to judge a photographic competition.

Viewing Instructions – Click on the first photo in each section to see its gallery (click on photo to exit), or click on ‘View with Piclens’ for a pauseable slideshow with full-screen option (Press Esc to exit).

Centenary Cup – Colour Print

1st Laurance Graham DPAGB – Steps Up
2nd Alan Thomson – Mountain View
3rd Pax Garabedian DPAGB EFIAP – Wool Carder

Jackson Trophy – Mono Print

1st Pax Garabedian DPAGB EFIAP – Trishaw Drivers
2nd Dennis Balmer DPAGB AFIAP – The Wrecks
3rd Alan Sawyer – Bill Sharp

Mattinson Cup – Projected Image

1st Alan Thomson – Mountain View
2nd Paul Alsop – Wall at Banks
3rd Alan Thomson – Crevice Cascade

Victory Cup – Set of 3 Projected Images

1st Pax Garabedian DPAGB EFIAP – Gelda With Juvenile/Gemini/Mother and Daugher
2nd Alan Thomson – Rannoch Moor/Trials Champion of the World/Turkey Twizzles
3rd Alan Sawyer – Hoverfly/Rosthwaite/Lowther Carriage Trial

Coronation Cup – Set of 3 Mono Prints

1st Alan Thomson – Rhum View/The Farmer and His Dog/Swan Lake
2nd Laurance Graham DPAGB – Refugees/Cooling Tubes/I’m the Driver
3rd Laurance Graham DPAGB – Face at the Fringe/Door Deco/Waiting

Old Timers Trophy – Set of 3 Colour Prints

1st Alan Sawyer – Concert at Lanercost/Peter Moore /White Cheeked Pintail
2nd= David Newbegin – Steaming Up Shap/Cormorant Fisherman/Chinese Papermaker
2nd= Pax Garabedian DPAGB EFIAP – Helen/Tibetan Refugee/Monastery Window
3rd Paul Alsop – Fisherman Grimace/Tynemouth Pool, Djellaba

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2009-’10 Monthly Competitions Winners

  • The results of the monthly competition for 2009 – 2010 are:
  • Beginners Prints

    1st –  David Higgins,  2nd –  Steven Morris,  3rd –  Iain Allinson

    Beginners Projected Images
    1st –  Steven Morris,  2nd –  Chris Scott,  3rd –  Ken Scott

    Mono Prints
    Joint 1st –  Alan Thomson & Pax Garabedian,  3rd –  Dennis Balmer

    Colour Prints
    1st –  Alan Thomson,  2nd –  Pax Garabedian,  3rd –  Chris Rowley

    Advanced Projected Images
    1st –  Alan Thomson,  2nd –  Pax Garabedian,  3rd –  Alan Sawyer