Monthly Archive for March, 2015

2014 – 2015 Annual Competition

We are grateful to the judges for this year’s annual competitions: Jack Bamford DPAGB AFIAP APAGB of Keswick PS for the prints and Jim Welsh LRPS CPAGB of Blyth PS for the PDIs.
Viewing Instructions – Click on the first photo in each section to see its gallery (click on photo to exit).
Centenary Cup – Colour Print
1st – Pax Garabedian
2nd – Tim Booth
3rd – Alan Thomson
HC – Brian Hinvest,  Vera Graham,  Alan Sawyer,  Tim Booth,  Alan Thomson,  Pax Garabedian
Old Timer Trophy – Set of 3 Colour Prints

1st   – Pax Garabedian
2nd  – Tim Booth
3rd= – Alan Sawyer
3rd= – Larry Graham
Jackson Trophy – Mono Print

1st – Alan Thomson
2nd – Pax Garabedian
3rd – Steve McLellan
HC – Tim Booth (2),  Pax Garabedian
Coronation Cup – Set of 3 Mono Prints

1st =  – Alan Thomson
1st =  – Pax Garabedian
2nd    – Tim Booth
3rd    – Alan Sawyer
Mattinson Cup – PDI
1st – Alan Sawyer
2nd – Jeff Saunders
3rd – Roger Mepstead
HC – Alan Thomson, Gordon Cumming, Caroline Hannon, Carrie Calvert
Victory Cup – Set of 3 PDIs
1st  – Pax Garabedian
2nd – Alan Sawyer
3rd= – Tim Booth

February 2015 Competition (Food & Drink)

We are very grateful to Simon Allen EFIAP MPAGB of Dumfries CC for judging the competition.

A gallery of all the category winners is at the bottom of the page. Winners’ photos, grouped by category, are below.
Click on the first photo in each section to see its gallery (click on photo to exit).  Sadly, for reasons beyond our control, the ‘Piclens’ slideshow no longer works – the programme has been withdrawn.

Advanced – Monochrome Prints

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‘Advanced’ – Colour Prints
Advanced Projected Images ‘Newcomers’ – Projected Images ‘Newcomers’ Prints

All Winning Photos