Numbers:     Please let the webmaster have (by email or disc/memory stick) up to 12 photos.  As and when you feel the need to show more, please raise the question with me and/or other committee members.  There is, in theory, no practical limit to the number of photos we can post.

Size:     Up to 1024 pixels horizontally and 768 pixels vertically at a maximum of 100 pixels per inch

Tags and Keywords:      Add tags and keywords if you want specific shots to be found by people looking for particular subject matter.  Remove all others.

Subject: If your shot is of a model photographed under a commercial arrangement, please ensure that all contractual requirements are fulfilled before posting the photograph.

There are no thought police in the CCC.  But, do please bear current sensitivities in mind when choosing photos.

Titles:       Important. Please name your file exactly, as you would like it to appear on the website.  Initial capitals should be used for all words, except ‘and’, ‘to’, ‘for’ etc.   The webmaster can not be expected to do this job for every club member – it is the individual member’s responsibility.  Please see existing galleries for how they should appear.

Icons and Order: Please indicate if you want your photos to appear in a specific order, and if you have a preference for which photo is used as the icon for your gallery.

Change: The website should stay fresh and interesting, so please change your gallery contents regularly.

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