Carlisle Camera Club

Monthly Competiton Rules and Guidelines

Each month, we invite an honored guest judge to our Carlisle club meetings to judge, critique and offer sage advice. The Monthly Competition allows the club members to compete against each other for nothing more than kudos and bragging rights.

There are two divisions, Club and Advanced. All new members will join the Club competition and can only progress to the Advanced competition on merit so you will see some fantastic images in both the Club and Advanced competitions.

Both competitions have three open categories in to which each member can submit 2 photographs:

  • Colour Prints
  • Monochrome Prints
  • Projected Digital Images

Projected Digital Images (PDIs)


PDIs must not exceed a width of 1400 pixels or a height of 1050 pixels. If you exceed either of these your image will be resized to fit on the screen by the presentation software and may not reproduce satisfactorily. 

File Name

Save your file using the following naming convention.  Entries named differently may be rejected.

two digit competition number single space title.jpg  (the title should use initial capitals for ALL words including ‘The’, ‘Of’, etc)

For example, if your membership number is 1 and the title of your picture is Gorillas In The Mist, then you would save your file as

01 Gorillas In The Mist.jpg

There should be only one space and no additional characters like hyphens, hashes, underscores etc.  They destroy the alphabetical listings used in the entries spreadsheet.
Your entry should be submitted to the Internal Competition Secretary either by USB or email. The latest date for entries will be announced at club meetings.


Prints may be “any size” but must be mounted, the maximum size of which should not exceed 500 x 400 mm.  In its simplest form, the mount is just a rectangle of white or coloured card with the print stuck on the front.  A more advanced type of mount has a cut out with the print stuck or taped on behind so that it shows through the aperture.

If the print is taped to the mount board, it is important to ensure that is secure. Sticky tape coming loose in the judge’s big box of prints can damage other prints.

New members do not usually have trouble sourcing prints, but mounts may be a problem. You can buy mounts ready made, usually at standard A4 and A3 sizes, which may not be the optimum. You can buy card and cut it to size yourself or you can have your prints mounted for you.  Useful shops are Castle Framing Brampton, Grays Art Shop Carlisle, The Range, Hobbycraft etc. Don’t spend too much money on a mount as it is the image which is judged but do consider the amount of space between your main subject and the edge of the mount. 

If you are successful and achieve a commended or higher placing, then you need to send a digital version for use in the website. 

Sending Digital Versions of Competition Prints

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