Saving images for the Club Use

When saving your file for club use, either as a competition entry or for any other purpose, use the the following settings as a guide. The aim is to produce a small jpg file that shows no compression artefacts. Ideally your file should be around 200kb in size.

Image Size

  • Horizontal edge – Minimum 1400 px
  • Vertical edge – Minimum 1050 px
  • DPI – n/a

Colour Profile

  • sRGB – Not all browsers cope with other colour spaces very well, your image may look washed out. Competition entries must be saved in the sRGB colour space. 


  • Set your photo editor to 50% compression and save with a different file name – don’t overwrite your file. Check your new file for any artefacts and colour banding. If there is, re-open the original file and adjust the compression/quality slightly.