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Sending Digital Versions of Competition Entries for the Website

If you have an image placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or highly commended in a competition, and you are happy for it to appear in the club website, please send a digital file of it to the webmaster as soon as possible. As a an absolute minimum, please use the naming convention for your image and if you can, please add the file name to the metadata

Saving images for the Web Site

When saving your file for the web site, use the the following settings as a guide. The aim is to produce a small jpg file that shows no compression artefacts. Ideally your file should be around 200kb in size.

Image Size

  • Horizontal edge – Minimum 1920 px
  • Vertical edge – Minimum 1080 px
  • DPI – n/a

Colour Profile

  • sRGB – Not all browsers cope with other colour spaces very well, your image may look washed out. 


  • Set your photo editor to 50% compression and save with a different file name – don’t overwrite your file. Check your new file for any artefacts and colour banding. If there is, re-open the original file and decrease the compression/increase the quality slightly. 

Metadata Guide

Please add the file title in to the file metadata as described below. These fields are used by the image gallery software – editing 30 or so files takes some time to complete!


Click on File > File Info

On the ‘Basic’ panel, add the file title to the Document Title and Description fields then save your file. 


In the Library Module, go to the Metadata panel on the right hand column. Select Quick Describe and add the filename to the Title and Caption fields. If you are using IPTC, then use Title and Description fields. 

Windows File Explorer

Right Click your file, and select Properties.

On the General Tab, copy the file name then click on the Details tab. 

Add the file name to the Title and Description fields. 

File Naming Convention

It would save me a lot of work if you could please re-name your files using the following format exactly; ie note the use of initial capital letters, including for every word in the title, (including ‘The’, ‘Of’, etc)  spaces, hyphens etc.

Please don’t use the sort of variations that are frequently sent to me like: ‘1st’ instead of ‘First’;  or ‘Highly Commended’ instead of ‘HC’; or ‘B&W’ instead of ‘Monochrome’.  It’s bad for my blood pressure!

I ask this because it looks far better if the images are titled uniformly when they come up in the slide shows that the website offers.  Even slight variations start to look tatty.

It might be easiest to copy and paste from the comprehensive list below and then make changes as necessary.  I have used the names of some really interesting photographers, past and present, whose work is well worth a look.

Advanced Colour Prints – First – Title With All Initial Capitals by Margaret Bourke White

So, that is:

Name of the Competition (see below)
Space Hyphen Space
Placing – First, Second, Thrid, HC or C
Space Hyphen Space
“by Your Name”

The competition names to use are:

  • Advanced Colour Prints
  • Advanced Monochrome Prints
  • Advanced Projected Images
  • Club Colour Prints
  • Club Mono Prints
  • Club Projected Images 
  • Club Projected Images

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