There was a club outing to the Killhope lead mining museum on the 17th of February.  Those who went, on a beautifully sunny day, just the weather for going down the mine, were Alan S, Tim, Phil and Brian.  We had an excellent day out and I think we would all recommend a trip to the mine –  very friendly, knowledgeable staff, an interesting tour of the mine, lots more interesting stuff outside, a lovely woodland walk, a nice cafe, and all set in the heart of the North Pennines area of outstanding natural beauty

The staff are very photographer friendly and encouraged us to go at the back of the tour group (about 10 people) so that we could hang back and get shots unimpeded.  Nevertheless, there were a number of photographic challenges.  First, the mine is unlit and visitors rely on the lamps they are given.   So, it’s difficult to change settings if you can’t find all the camera controls by touch, and completely impossible to see anything through the viewfinder, so flash and as wide an angle lens as possible are necessary.  Tripods and monopods are useless, as space is limited and there is simply insufficient light for long exposures.  The challenge outside was the bright sunlight and deep shadows around the site.  You really had to think about your exposures.

I suppose a third challenge was deciding what to photograph and how.  The site and its surroundings are so interesting and varied that we hardly scratched the surface of the photographic opportunities there.

The following gallery is a selection of everyone’s shots. Click on ‘View with Piclens’ for a pauseable slideshow with full-screen option (Press Esc to exit). If you’re clicking through, you’ll need to go to page 2 yourself and then carry on.

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