Carlisle Camera Club is one of the oldest photography clubs in England, serving Carlisle and the surrounding area since the 19th Century.  Here’s what we used to look like! We are a very friendly club, with  members ranging from beginners to photographers exhibiting their work internationally.  Our aim is to enable photographers of all abilities  to meet and discuss photography, and enjoy a varied weekly programme that concentrates on the making and appreciation of photographs.  Despite our name, we do not focus on cameras and kit – they hardly get a mention – although there is, of course, a wealth of technical expertise amongst the members that they are always happy to share if asked.

New members are always very welcome, and you can come along for a few weeks and see what we’re about at no charge, until you decide whether you want to join.  The annual subscription is only £30,  which can be reduced for anyone joining later in the season.  If you’re planning to come along for the first time, please arrive at around 7.15 if you can, so that we can meet before the evening event begins at 7.30.  If you’d like to ask any questions, or you would prefer to make contact before coming along to a meeting, please send an email to

Meetings are at 7.30pm on Tuesday evenings, between September and April, in the Belah Community Centre at Briar Bank, St Ann’s Hill, Carlisle, Cumbria CA3 9SR.

Monthly Competitions.  Please don’t be put off by the ‘monthly competitions’ that you’ll find mentioned in the programme.  There are very competitive clubs, but we are not one of them.  The competitions are an opportunity for those members who are interested, to enter photographs to be judged by highly expert visiting judges.  Constructive comment is given, and only you know which are your photos, unless you’re one of the winners. As an amateur photographer pursuing your hobby on your own, it is very difficult to get such expert comment and advice.  Your granny and your mates will always tell you that your shots are wonderful, but you know that most of us can’t make progress in any activity – be it sport, craft or art – without somebody to point out how you could improve.  That’s the sort of help that the Club can give.

Guest speakers, either visitors or members of the Club, show and talk about their work.  These evenings are a great opportunity to see what some of the best photographers in the region are up to, and to pick up ideas, tips and inspiration for your own photography.

The Wider World.   Carlisle has close links to other clubs in the NW through the Western Area  of the  NCPF (Northern Counties Photographic Federation).   Through a series of friendly competitions,  club members have the opportunity to get to know photographers from the rest of Cumbria and Dumfries,  and right across the North, if they participate in any of the events open to them.  Through the NCPF, which represents around 50 clubs, the CCC  is further affiliated to the national body for camera clubs, the PAGB (The Photographic Alliance Of Great Britain), and FIAP (Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique) which covers clubs throughout Europe.