Each month, we invite an honoured guest judge to our Carlisle club meetings to judge, critique and offer sage advice. The the club members compete against each other for nothing more than kudos and bragging rights.

There are two classes within the Monthly Competition, Club and Advanced. All new members can chose to join the Club Class* or the Advanced Class. Those that join the Club Class can progress to the Advanced Class on merit. Expect to see some fantastic images from members in both the Club and Advanced classes.

Both classes have three open categories in to which each member can submit 2 photographs:

  • Colour Prints
  • Monochrome Prints
  • Projected Digital Images

Full Competition Rules (PDF)


For the immediate post-Covid period the Club’s intention is to run both Print and PDI Competitions from the beginning of the season.

Members submitting entries are to provide unmounted prints on A4 paper to the Print Competition Secretary.  The image can be A4 or any size smaller, but no larger than A4, and entrants must be aware that these prints will not be returned to them.  Digital versions of print entries must be submitted as stated below by email to the PDI Competition Secretary.  

Prints are to be clearly labelled on the rear with competition class, followed by your competition number and the title of the image:

e.g. Advanced Mono   04  A Flock of Seagulls.

PDI version of Print Entry

You must also supply a digital version of your print(s) (see below for guidance). Your entry is judged on the print only. The PDI version is for projection at the competition so everyone gets a chance to see your image clearly.

Submitting Prints

You need to send your Prints to the Internal Competition Secretary (Prints). They need to arrive before the submission date on the programme.

Projected Digital Images (PDIs)


Images should be sized at 1400px x 1050px.

You must save your images in the sRGB colour space to ensure your image displays as intended.

In the event that these sizes are exceeded the author of the image will be advised and asked to re-submit the image in the correct size.  No alteration of images will be done by the Competition Secretaries.

Save your file starting with your competitor number then the image title without any punctuation.

eg. 04 A Flock of Seagulls 

Your entry should be submitted to the PDI Competition Secretary by email. The latest date for entries is displayed on the club programme.

When sending your PDIs, use a separate email for each competition (eg Advanced Colour, Club PDI)

Digital images must have been produced within three years of the submission date.


Previous Entries

(1) Previous Entries may be re-entered only once in the same Competition Category, subject to the Rules specific to that Category.
(2) A Previous Entry is deemed to be any entry, which has previously been entered into that Competition Category or an entry from the same or almost
identical negative, transparency or digital file, unless the entry is substantially different in character from the original. This matter is subject to the
discretion of the Competition Secretary together with Committee members who may ask to see both pieces of work together.

* Members who hold photographic distinctions, such as LRPS, FIAP etc., must join the Advanced Class.

Sending Digital Versions of Competition Prints

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