Monthly Competitions

Challenge your self

We can all improve our photography and with Carlisle Camera Club, you can do just that by participating in our regular competitions. 

Many of our members started out with little knowledge and have since had their work featured in the national press and sold as artwork for use in publications, on web sites and framed to hang on people’s walls.

Our Recent Winners

Our Monthly Competitions are a great inspiration to many of our members. As a member you can also enter inter-club, regional, national and even international competitions 

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Portfolio Reviews

Throughout the year we meet over Zoom to present some of our images to a small group of members to get their thoughts and advice – useful if you’re thinking of entering a competition.

A picture paints a thousand words… then we put it to music

The Audio Visual Group within the club creates collages of themed photos set to music. This is an art in itself, choosing the right photos, the sequence and appropriate music to suit the mood you wish to convey

Learn form the best

Extend your photography

The club has an exciting and varied programme throughout the year to help you extend your knowledge of photography and help you discover new techniques for the digital darkroom 

Featured talks

Listen to successful photographers as they guide you through their journey


Become the judge for a night as we all judge the same set of images


Join in our Monthly and Annual Competitions.


Learn how to achieve that perfect polished look for your photos

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