Carlisle Camera Club

Welcome to Carlisle Camera Club, one of the oldest camera clubs in the world, established in 1885. We aim to provide members the chance to improve their photography through regular workshops, competitions and presentations by photographers at the top of their game.

Winning pictures from the club’s competitions are there to inspire you. Each monthly competition is open to any subject, so there is plenty of variety to enjoy. 

Join us!

If you would like to take your photography further, or just meet with enthusiastic photographers, drop in on one of our meetings or complete the contact form. Find more details about the club

The slideshow below contains all first placed images from the 2017-18 season. Looking for the all winning images from the 2017-18 season?

Advanced Projected Images - First - Swallows Waiting To Be Fed by Carrie Calvert
Advanced Colour Prints - First - Windows by Pax Garabedian
Advanced Projected Images - First – Busy Bee by Roger Mepsted
Coronation Cup - First - The Big Apple by Brian Graham
Advanced Monochrome Prints - First - On Guard by Alan Sawyer
Jackson Trophy - First - Piggyback by Pax Garabedian
Advanced Projected Images - First -  Cordouan Lighthouse Boatman
Advanced Monochrome Prints - First - Solo Biker by Norman Butler
Victory Cup - First - Counting  Sheep by Alan Thomson
Advanced Projected Images - First - Evening Storm by Alan Thomson
Newcomers Prints - First - Children of the Revolution by Brian Graham
Newcomers Projected Images - First  - Well Earned Rest by Malcol
Advanced Monochrome Prints - First  - Glass Work by Alan Sawyer
Victory Cup - First - Heading For  Home by Alan Thomson
Advanced Monochrome Prints - First - Lakeside by Pax Garabedian
Coronation Cup - First - York Minster by Brian Graham
Newcomer's prints - First - Tunisian Tinbasher by Brian Graham
Coronation Cup - First - Light at the End of the Tunnel by Brian
Victory Cup - First - Dawn On The  Marshes by Alan Thomson
Mattinson Cup - First - Evening  Storm by Alan Thomson
Advanced Colour Print - First - Happy Fishmonger by Jeff Saunder
Advanced Colour Prints - First - Protecting The Nest by Carrie Calvert
Newcomers Projected Images - First - Late Winter Sun by Malcolm Roberts


Carlisle Camera Club Members Re-Create Their Predecessors’ 1885 Photograph At Low Gelt Bridge

Carlisle Camera Club group photo at Low Gelt Bridge


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