Our Competitions

Carlisle Camera Club hosts Monthly Competitions comprising two Classes, throughout the season as well as Inter Club Battles between local clubs and an Annual end of season competition.

  • Colour Prints
  • Mono Prints
  • PDIs
  • Creative and Open
  • Promotion to Advanced
  • Open to all members
Advanced CLASS
  • Colour Prints
  • Mono Prints
  • PDIs
  • Creative and Open
  • Open to all members
  • Members with distinctions
Inter club competitions
  • Inter Club
  • Curated entry
  • Curated from Club and Advanced
  • Host rotates between clubs


Members can enter both Prints and Digital Images to the Monthly Competition.


Prints can be submitted in the Colour Print and Mono Print categories within both the Cub and Advanced Class Competitions

Prints must be

  • Mounted (max 50cm x 40cm)
  • Labelled with Title
  • Labelled with Competition Class
  • Labelled with Competition Category
  • Accompanied with PDI version
Projected Digital images

Projected Digital Images can be submitted as entries in both the Club and Advanced Class

Digital Images must be

  • 1600 x 1200 pixels
  • sRGB Colour Space
  • Named with Member number
  • Named with image title

Competition Category Themes

Within the Monthly Club and Advanced Classes, there are three categories members can enter, Colour Print, Mono Print and Projected Digital Images. Within these categories, images can be of an Open or Creative theme.


The Open category allows members to submit photographs of any subject and style in any of the three categories. 

Members can submit up to two images in each category.


The Creative category allows members to submit one creative image in each of the competition categories.

A creative image is one that uses some form of special technique in either the taking and/or post-processing of the image.

A brief description of how the photographer defines his/her image as creative must be included with each relevant entry when submitted to the Internal Competition Secretaries.

Competition Night Format

The Club invites an independent judge to officiate at the Monthly competitions. The judge receives the prints and PDIs before the night in order to assess them under the same lighting conditions. The judge prepares his notes and decides on the placed images.

The Print categories in both of the Club and Advanced Classes will be reviewed first, followed by the PDIs


The judge will determine which images are worthy of receiving a placement. The following placements are available to be awarded. 

  • First
  • Second
  • Third
  • Highly Commended
  • Commended

Only one image can be awarded at first, second and third. The judge can award as many Highly Commended and Commended as they see fit.